Matt Parker’s Humble Pi equates to guaranteed laughs and clever comedy ****

Matt Parker brings us a fast paced, precisely crafted hour of mathematically inspired comedy. His electrifying routine is his bestselling book Humble Pi brought to life with humour to the nth degree

His laser sharp wit, (yes, there really are lasers) brings us tales of mathematical disasters and the real- life consequences they bring. He covers subjects as diverse as the potential for ghost trains in Sweden, the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Pac-Man and how MacDonald’s served up junk numbers with their junk food. The thread of the ways in which big advertising campaigns use and abuse numbers and statistics is a gold mine, and elicits belly laughs all round.

There is audience interaction that will delight arcade game fans, and the only time I’ve seen the well- worn “what do you do for a living” stick completely re-invented, with flow charts and genuine warmth.

His “auto Matt” and variation in Matt- seconds is one of the most original pieces of stand up I’ve ever has the pleasure of witnessing, delivered with a confidence and precision that few could master.

A crossover of maths and comedy is reflected in the audience where 50% identified as maths loving and 50% identified as comedy lovers and all identified as having a fabulous time

Humble Pi is a winning formula for all

Pleasance Dome 10Dome until August 26th 20.20